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Here is the steel color chart for 2015

Here is the new steel color chart for 2015. 

When an order is placed for a new steel garage or carport, this is the color chart that is now being used. Notice that there are new colors which have been added to the choices for metal carports and garages!

Have a look at the customer testimonial page of our metal carports and steel buildings website here!

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I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions; I think a person can set a goal, make up their mind and achieve it.  With that in mind, it is my goal to write more as of this date regarding our metal carports blog. Some potential goals of a business owner could include becoming familiar with your product, to get down in the trenches with employees, care about people and have a good work ethic.   This is the start of 2014 and there will perhaps be changes this year that some people did not see coming but we can all set and achieve goals that make our business better!

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Planning Ahead

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Yesterday, the Atlanta area received a winter coating of about 2 inches of snow. The snow and ice set the whole area into a grinding halt of slippery gridlocked madness, including abandoned and crashed vehicles everywhere on main roads and back roads alike.  Many people were on the road in their vehicle when the bad road conditions became very real and some people ended up taking 4-8 hours or more to reach their destination, even if it was only a few miles away. Though the forecast did not even predict snow in the area, people could have been more prepared for the chance of snow and the outcome might not have been the same.  This snowy event goes to show that advance preparation is a wise thing to become familiar with.  People will not know the exact details of a winter weather advisory ahead of time but they can be ready by what they choose to do in advance, such as stocking up on supplies and preparing their environment. One of the things a person can do to be ready is to have a secure, dry place for storage.  In the Northern states, people expect to see snowfall during winter.  The accumulation of snow on a structure can add thousands of pounds of weight to the roof.  Wouldn’t you want to have a roof that you can rely on?  It just makes sense to have the right structure for the environment, one that will withstand the weather.  To be ready before the weather gets bad includes having a metal carport or steel garage that is built to handle severe weather conditions. When we plan ahead, we can be happier with the outcome and although no one can predict exactly what will happen in advance, showing forethought is just plain smart. 

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What should a company testimonials page say? Do you read company testimonials? To me, this is as important as the “about us” page on a business website.

If a company wants you know know about their background and their products, their overall reputation, would you now want to go back and talk to their previous customers?

Your customer reviews, or testimonials, should be placed or linked to your home page.  Maybe a few could be lead from or teased from your home page.  Then potential customers could be drawn to a specific testimonials page where they could read honest reviews.

A testimonial page is a nice way to let the potential customer see what the previous customer had to say. It lets a shopper feel at ease when they see that other buyers felt comfortable with their experience. Some may say they liked shopping on a particular website due to its ease of use and that may be a good thing to add to a testimonials page. Others may say they liked the company for their product, support team, staff, or any number of reasons.

Testimonials are effective because they lay things out honestly so that potential customers can read what previous customers have to say, then determine whether or not they like what those previous customers wrote. Many potential customers base decisions on what previous customers have to say. Some, however, do not. It is a matter of personal opinion, as with much on the web. But testimonial pages allow choices and they show opinion and thoughts – feedback. These are important things in business today.

Testimonial pages should be kept honest, unbiased and succinct. In other words, they should not go on and on in a rave review about a company and they should not slam a company. Testimonials should be honest and tell what a customer really thinks.

Before a review or testimonial is placed online, it should be tastefully edited as to content and then overviewed, possibly by a non-biased outside or third-party entity. If such a third-party does not exist, consider asking a person who has no interest in what is written one way or another to organize the content and make sure there is not too much in any one testimonial (not too much content in person “a” or “b’s” statement). That way each testimonial is fair and unbiased. It is not too difficult to do and any size company with shopper or customer feedback can begin to build a testimonial feedback to be proud of.

TIP: Try not to get too over-the-top or obsessive about your customer testimonials; it may become habitual to check on the page or see what shoppers are saying. Try to keep a level head. If you are a good business person, you will have good shoppers in your business and they will say good things about your company – no worries here.

In a nutshell, testimonial pages can be an asset to a company. They can be tasteful, honest, and tell a true tale of a good business. Build a good testimonial you can be proud of for a long time to come.

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