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Wichita, KS

A customer called in to finish paying her balance by credit card.  She wanted to also say how she felt about the installation.  She spoke with GPB, Inc. about how very happy she and her husband were with the installation.

At the time she called in, Friday 7.9.10, the crew was there and were almost finished installing.  Our customer was gushing with thankfulness.  She said the carport looks great, what an excellent job was done, and she was so happy because the carport was installed promptly.  The customers even gave a $60 tip to the crew for carrying materials to the back of the property, as there was no room for the delivery truck to pull in as it normally would have done for the customers.

All around, this was a very successful transaction and we are quite happy when things work out so nicely for our customers, crew and all involved.  Thanks to GPB, Inc. and everyone.


S.L.M. 7.9.10 @ 12:52

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Hi Dave,

Hope you got the message I left for you after our building was delivered on April 6th to North Carolina, but am also writing to ensure that you did with this email. First of all, sorry for the delay as we don’t have internet service in the rural hills of Lincolnton and just returned to Florida after many weeks in the foothills.

GPB, INC. delivered on their promise on our order from the beginning to the end thanks to your help, expertise and knowledge. The delivery was right on schedule. Your son seems so much like you and the driver…oh SO nice to see a company care about their transports appearance also, it makes a huge impression in my opinion. Although we had a pretty easy location for set up, these guys have obviously been doing this awhile…tug, pull, level–done!

I am extremely happy and excited about our (mine more than anyone else!) new building. It turned out to be more than I expected. Our design of the building with the slider and skylights really added to the flare of the building and puts me in touch with all my local surroundings. The white aluminum interior was totally unexpected and absolutely makes the building more comfortable to be in and provides that cooling effect. We put down pre-fab faux brick panels for the flooring and it turned out very rustic and charming (although you can’t see much of it for all the furniture, except for the path).

This building will provide the insipiration and creativity for the many projects that I have in mind and will become a foundation for our new Carolina barn home. Thank you so much.

C. Biddix
Lincolnton, NC

P.S. – I posted a testimonial just a short while ago on your web page. Thanks again


S.L.M. 6.10.10 @ 6:51

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Here is what some of our very valued customers have to say… Please read

“You guys must be the most efficient company I have ever worked with starting from the time I used your web site to order the carport until your crew installed the carport!”
Contributed by – J. K., Lafayette, GA

“I’d like to thank you for a quick response to send installers out earlier than expected. They did an outstanding job. With this service you will get plenty of business.”
Contributed by – T.H., San Jose, CA

“Your guys did great work, and I’m happy as a clam with the building. I’ve had some friends over and recommended you to them, so hopefully we’ll get you more business this way. Thanks again.”
Contributed by – L.S., Macon, GA

4. “After viewing the building firsthand, I am very impressed with the quality workmanship and would gladly recommend GPB to anyone I know. Thank you for the outstanding building(s) and I hope to speak with you again in the future. Have a wonderful 4th of July and God bless.”
Contributed by – B.H., St. Joe, FL

“I just had a rather large carport installed by your company yesterday, the 30th of June, at Harvest, Alabama. I would like you to know that the three men that installed the carport did an excellent job. They were very professional and did one hell-of-a job. I watched the whole installation from my chair on my patio and observed every thing they did. I was totally impressed how they made sure that everything was leveled in every way possible. Like I said, I was really impressed, they sure knew what they were doing and did it with great care. They were here working for over 4 1/2 hours and during that time never took a break, or stopped working. Again, I was really, impressed and happy with the work they did and the way they accomplished it. My thanks goes to them and to your company for doing a good job. Thank you.”
Contributed by – E.H., Harvest, AL

“Thanks again for your interest in our business. It is rare to find anyone in this world that seems to care anymore. Your showing a sincere interest is exactly why we came back to you guys.”
Contributed by – J.S., Jasper, AR


S.L.M. 5.6.09 @ 11:15

What should a company testimonials page say? Do you read company testimonials? To me, this is as important as the “about us” page on a business website.

If a company wants you know know about their background and their products, their overall reputation, would you now want to go back and talk to their previous customers?

Your customer reviews, or testimonials, should be placed or linked to your home page.  Maybe a few could be lead from or teased from your home page.  Then potential customers could be drawn to a specific testimonials page where they could read honest reviews.

A testimonial page is a nice way to let the potential customer see what the previous customer had to say. It lets a shopper feel at ease when they see that other buyers felt comfortable with their experience. Some may say they liked shopping on a particular website due to its ease of use and that may be a good thing to add to a testimonials page. Others may say they liked the company for their product, support team, staff, or any number of reasons.

Testimonials are effective because they lay things out honestly so that potential customers can read what previous customers have to say, then determine whether or not they like what those previous customers wrote. Many potential customers base decisions on what previous customers have to say. Some, however, do not. It is a matter of personal opinion, as with much on the web. But testimonial pages allow choices and they show opinion and thoughts – feedback. These are important things in business today.

Testimonial pages should be kept honest, unbiased and succinct. In other words, they should not go on and on in a rave review about a company and they should not slam a company. Testimonials should be honest and tell what a customer really thinks.

Before a review or testimonial is placed online, it should be tastefully edited as to content and then overviewed, possibly by a non-biased outside or third-party entity. If such a third-party does not exist, consider asking a person who has no interest in what is written one way or another to organize the content and make sure there is not too much in any one testimonial (not too much content in person “a” or “b’s” statement). That way each testimonial is fair and unbiased. It is not too difficult to do and any size company with shopper or customer feedback can begin to build a testimonial feedback to be proud of.

TIP: Try not to get too over-the-top or obsessive about your customer testimonials; it may become habitual to check on the page or see what shoppers are saying. Try to keep a level head. If you are a good business person, you will have good shoppers in your business and they will say good things about your company – no worries here.

In a nutshell, testimonial pages can be an asset to a company. They can be tasteful, honest, and tell a true tale of a good business. Build a good testimonial you can be proud of for a long time to come.

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