Unique Metal Carports for Sale

Posted: February 10, 2020 in Carports, Metal, Steel

Many people want to know the difference between the two best selling metal carports we offer at Georgia Portable Buildings, Inc.

Here is a short article from our team member Jeanne:

The Regular Style carport/ tool shed/ canopy, slopes from the highest peak at the center, down to the lower sides, where an 18-inch elbow is attached, giving the carport a curved, rounded look that is then attached to the leg post. Regular style carports are only available with a horizontal roofing system. Having a horizontal roof means that the raised ribs of the steel panels are running from the front of the carport unit to the back of the carport unit instead of vertically from the center peak down to the eave.

The Boxed Eave Style comes standard with a horizontal roof. A popular option available for the Boxed Eave Style is a Vertical Roof. With the Vertical Roof option, the steel roof panels are turned so that the ribs run from the peak of the roof down to the eave. In this way, it looks more like a traditional house roof design. The roofing panels in a vertical roof will also extend past the leg post giving you about 6 inches of overhang or eave. The vertical roof option has been a favorite with those who are troubled with falling leaves, pine needles, or heavy snow.  This is because with the panel ribs running from peak to eave debris washes off more easily during rain.

Find an instant price for a metal carport now.

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