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Unique Metal Carports for Sale

Posted: February 10, 2020 in Carports, Metal, Steel

Many people want to know the difference between the two best selling metal carports we offer at Georgia Portable Buildings, Inc.

Here is a short article from our team member Jeanne:

The Regular Style carport/ tool shed/ canopy, slopes from the highest peak at the center, down to the lower sides, where an 18-inch elbow is attached, giving the carport a curved, rounded look that is then attached to the leg post. Regular style carports are only available with a horizontal roofing system. Having a horizontal roof means that the raised ribs of the steel panels are running from the front of the carport unit to the back of the carport unit instead of vertically from the center peak down to the eave.

The Boxed Eave Style comes standard with a horizontal roof. A popular option available for the Boxed Eave Style is a Vertical Roof. With the Vertical Roof option, the steel roof panels are turned so that the ribs run from the peak of the roof down to the eave. In this way, it looks more like a traditional house roof design. The roofing panels in a vertical roof will also extend past the leg post giving you about 6 inches of overhang or eave. The vertical roof option has been a favorite with those who are troubled with falling leaves, pine needles, or heavy snow.  This is because with the panel ribs running from peak to eave debris washes off more easily during rain.

Find an instant price for a metal carport now.

Metal barns are perfect for your storage needs on the farm. Steel barns can easily hold livestock, tractors, tractor supplies, feed, hay and much more!

See a barn being built

white barn barn4 red barn beige barn

Metal Garages - EngineeredWhat a unique building structure this is; a metal garage that is a full 30 feet wide by 70 feet long!

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous engineered dream…A tall garage made of steel that is so long, it will easily accommodate six large work vehicles.  Tractors and trailers, a golf cart, a backhoe can all be stored in this tidy but large garage.  This garage is above and beyond the average person’s needs because it caters to people or businesses that need to safely store large vehicles all together in one structure.  engineered metal garages

For home use, this garage could be built to suit your needs, even including parking a school bus or RV, camper or 5th wheel travel trailer.  With this garage, you can safely keep your large trucks or vehicles out of the weather and protected from snow, ice and wind.  No matter where you live in the USA, this engineered building will keep your stuff covered and protected while still allowing you plenty of room to work.

Get an instant online price for whatever size steel garage you are interested in!

copyright nachoman-au Two Tabbert T@b caravans on display Wikipedia defines “travel trailer” as: “A travel trailer or caravan is towed behind a road vehicle to provide a place to sleep which is more comfortable and protected than a tent (although there are fold-down trailer tents).[1][2] It provides the means for people to have their own home on a journey or a vacation, without relying on a motel or hotel, and enables them to stay in places where none is available.”

So how can you protect your RV or travel trailer from rain, snow, mildew, wind or mold?

You see them driving all over the freeways, interstates and highways in many states; whether you see travel trailers or RV homes, pop-ups or 5th wheels. People love to travel from cold places like Iowa, Illinois or Wisconsin to warm places like Florida or Georgia in an RV or travel trailer. Have you ever wondered where people store these fine RVs and a home away from home?

A carport or garage, otherwise called an “RV cover” is a great place to keep a travel trailer. An RV fits nicely under an RV cover designed just for that purpose. RV covers should be taller than typical carports and protect the top and sides of an RV so that it does not sustain any water damage or acquire moisture.


Let’s face it, we all want to store our travel trailer or RV without it getting that awful and all-too-familiar mold or mildew smell.  So how do I protect my RV?  Well, a metal carport is an important step to protecting your nice investment.  Many places charge to keep your RV parked or to store your RV when not in use.  What if you had a nice cover for the top and sides of your RV?  This way, your RV or travel trailer will not have water, mildew or mold damage.

Check out our RV cover page for more information on covering your RV or travel trailer.  This camping season, you will be good to go with a sturdy storage structure from GPB, Inc.  This RV cover is just a tiny sample of the MANY structures we offer to cover your RV, camper, travel trailer, camper or pop-up.  You can get instant pricing online, 24 hours a day by visiting this page.

If you have any questions regarding storage of your RV or travel trailer, or covering your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, please feel free to email us:




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RV cover: 12′ wide x 26′ long x 8′ leg height x 10′ 6″ peak height with additional (optional) 2 – 3′ x 26′ panels (1 per side)

Carports for heat and cold protection keep your stuff out of the sun and snow. Protection from the elements is important because you can prevent sun damage, leaks, snow load problems and wind damage. Metal carports private protection from the elements including: Sun damage, paint damage, leaking roof on vehicles, cracked upholstery, baking sun, searing wind, heavy weight from snow and ice and much more.

There are many uses for metal carports and steel buildings that people have found productive. Carports are great for covering your valuable items as well as protecting your privacy. A closed-in carport is good for shade, sun and wind protection as well as privacy.

You can protect the space where you park your boat, camper or riding lawn mower. Imagine being able to get in and out of your car under a cover instead of outside in the rain or baking sun? Your car or truck cost money and you want to protect that valuable money you have invested in that vehicle. Why close in your home garage and leave your car or truck out in the weather? What if you could have a closed in garage and a covered place to park your truck or car too?

Some people like to have a carport with the sides and front enclosed for privacy. People do not always want neighbors and see and know things about when they come and go. Do you rent out part of your house? Give your tenant some where to park their car!

Cover your travel trailer with a metal carport or steel building. Instead of leaving your pop up or fifth wheel out in the rain and snow, cover it and protect it from the weather and mold or mildew problems with a steel carport or metal building. Honestly, who wants to use a moldy camper? You can prevent mold and mildew and keep it out of your camping plans by covering your RV or camper with a metal carport.

There are many uses for our inexpensive yet sturdy storage structures. Click or call us today for instant pricing or a free custom estimate to protect your belongings!


Have you heard about this? AP published April 21, 2014 from Washington:

“President Obama’s administration has sided with American steel producers in an international trade dispute, ruling imported steel reinforcing bar from Mexico and Turkey unfairly undercuts U.S. prices.

Monday’s preliminary decision by the U.S. Department of Commerce means companies in Mexico and Turkey will be subject to immediate duties.

A final determination won’t be made until summer. But within a week the U.S. government will stop distribution at the nation’s borders until a cash bond or deposit is posted.

Steel reinforcing bar is known as steel rebar and is used to reinforce concrete. Steel producers in Mexico and Turkey have denied they’re violating trade laws.

The investigation by Commerce’s International Trade Administration was launched last fall at the request of U.S. steel producers. Companies from Ohio, Oregon, North Carolina, Florida and Texas filed complaints.” –

Notice this news, too from January 2014 regarding US challenging China’s non-compliance in WTO steel dispute:

U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman announced that the United States is requesting that China enter into consultations regarding China’s claim that it has brought its duties on U.S. exports of grain oriented flat-rolled electrical steel (GOES) into compliance with WTO rules.

GOES is a high-tech, high-value magnetic specialty steel that is used primarily by the power generating industry in transformers, rectifiers, reactors, and large electric machines.” –

So where does this leave Americans interested or connected in some way to the steel industry?  Will you be affected?  Have you been affected by the US steel industry trade dispute?

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42'x35' metal barnOne of the more special items we offer is steel barns; pictured here is the inside of a 42’x35′ steel barn.  Steel barns are available in 12 gauge or 14 gauge steel framing with 29 gauge steel panels on the roof and sides.  Where required, we provide engineered drawings with wind or snow load certifications.

Steel barns are unique structures due to their design, structure and their storage capacity.  Barns have been used for decades as a favorite for housing and protecting animals and convenient storage and accessibility.  Barns accommodate42x35 metal barn livestock and feed as well as hay and supplies for many types of animals like horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs or even llamas and ostriches.  Ranchers and farmers like to use barns for the storage of trailers, tractors, trucks, mowers, tillers, even boats and recreational vehicles. Many people have found steel barns to be quite effective for use in the livestock industry or for multiple uses and have been satisfied with years of use from their steel barns.

In order to see more about how barns look as they are being built, view this page to see a 42’x35’ metal barn being constructed. View this page to see the construction of a 42’x40’ steel barn. These pages will allow you to see pictures of the inside and outside of steel barns as the structures are erected.

Have questions?  Need a price quote?

Link to barns main page

Pictured below, these structures are sometimes referred to as pole barns; a pole barn, lean-to or a loafing shed. For instance, horses can be kept separated individually or mares with foals in this structure.  A pole barn is a simple structure that can be used part of the year, if animals are moved to certain pastures, or all year long, whatever suits your needs.

pole barn pole barn
pole barn pole barns

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Wichita, KS

A customer called in to finish paying her balance by credit card.  She wanted to also say how she felt about the installation.  She spoke with GPB, Inc. about how very happy she and her husband were with the installation.

At the time she called in, Friday 7.9.10, the crew was there and were almost finished installing.  Our customer was gushing with thankfulness.  She said the carport looks great, what an excellent job was done, and she was so happy because the carport was installed promptly.  The customers even gave a $60 tip to the crew for carrying materials to the back of the property, as there was no room for the delivery truck to pull in as it normally would have done for the customers.

All around, this was a very successful transaction and we are quite happy when things work out so nicely for our customers, crew and all involved.  Thanks to GPB, Inc. and everyone.


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Here is what some of our very valued customers have to say… Please read

“You guys must be the most efficient company I have ever worked with starting from the time I used your web site to order the carport until your crew installed the carport!”
Contributed by – J. K., Lafayette, GA

“I’d like to thank you for a quick response to send installers out earlier than expected. They did an outstanding job. With this service you will get plenty of business.”
Contributed by – T.H., San Jose, CA

“Your guys did great work, and I’m happy as a clam with the building. I’ve had some friends over and recommended you to them, so hopefully we’ll get you more business this way. Thanks again.”
Contributed by – L.S., Macon, GA

4. “After viewing the building firsthand, I am very impressed with the quality workmanship and would gladly recommend GPB to anyone I know. Thank you for the outstanding building(s) and I hope to speak with you again in the future. Have a wonderful 4th of July and God bless.”
Contributed by – B.H., St. Joe, FL

“I just had a rather large carport installed by your company yesterday, the 30th of June, at Harvest, Alabama. I would like you to know that the three men that installed the carport did an excellent job. They were very professional and did one hell-of-a job. I watched the whole installation from my chair on my patio and observed every thing they did. I was totally impressed how they made sure that everything was leveled in every way possible. Like I said, I was really impressed, they sure knew what they were doing and did it with great care. They were here working for over 4 1/2 hours and during that time never took a break, or stopped working. Again, I was really, impressed and happy with the work they did and the way they accomplished it. My thanks goes to them and to your company for doing a good job. Thank you.”
Contributed by – E.H., Harvest, AL

“Thanks again for your interest in our business. It is rare to find anyone in this world that seems to care anymore. Your showing a sincere interest is exactly why we came back to you guys.”
Contributed by – J.S., Jasper, AR


S.L.M. 5.6.09 @ 11:15

Duggan Drafting Firm Shuts Down

After almost 50 years in business, Chattanooga-based steel drafting company Ted S. Duggan & Sons Inc. closed its doors last week. Don Duggan, the firm’s president, blamed the worst time he had ever seen in the steel fabrication industry.  “We’ve closed because of the rotten economy,” Mr. Duggan said. “This industry there is just nothing out there anymore.” The firm had 16 employees.  Over the past five decades, the firm provided drafting services for projects around the world, including the Omni Hotel in Atlanta, the Opryland Civic Center, the last skyboxes at the University of Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium and a number of other projects that shaped the skylines of such cities as New York, Chicago, Boston and Dallas.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 12:00 a.m.


Work ethics require personal choices to be made; will I or will I not stay with a company?  Will I move to this other company that seems to be doing better or will I stay loyal to the company I have been with?  Will I keep my business afloat or go for that comfortable loan?

Each individual should carefully evaluate his/her individual options before making a personal decision. Checking your options (by doing your homework on purchasing a steel building for instance) is a good idea and is always something I recommend doing.  The above goes to show that even after 50 years in business, a company can go out of business and be gone with the economy the way it is.  Ask yourself, had you ever heard of this company before?  Could it happen to you?

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