Letter of Appreciation (12′ x 32′ Portable Building)

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Buildings, Testimonials

Hi Dave,

Hope you got the message I left for you after our building was delivered on April 6th to North Carolina, but am also writing to ensure that you did with this email. First of all, sorry for the delay as we don’t have internet service in the rural hills of Lincolnton and just returned to Florida after many weeks in the foothills.

GPB, INC. delivered on their promise on our order from the beginning to the end thanks to your help, expertise and knowledge. The delivery was right on schedule. Your son seems so much like you and the driver…oh SO nice to see a company care about their transports appearance also, it makes a huge impression in my opinion. Although we had a pretty easy location for set up, these guys have obviously been doing this awhile…tug, pull, level–done!

I am extremely happy and excited about our (mine more than anyone else!) new building. It turned out to be more than I expected. Our design of the building with the slider and skylights really added to the flare of the building and puts me in touch with all my local surroundings. The white aluminum interior was totally unexpected and absolutely makes the building more comfortable to be in and provides that cooling effect. We put down pre-fab faux brick panels for the flooring and it turned out very rustic and charming (although you can’t see much of it for all the furniture, except for the path).

This building will provide the insipiration and creativity for the many projects that I have in mind and will become a foundation for our new Carolina barn home. Thank you so much.

C. Biddix
Lincolnton, NC

P.S. – I posted a testimonial just a short while ago on your web page. Thanks again


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