Prompt Carport Installation in Wichita, KS

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Carports, Steel, Testimonials
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Wichita, KS

A customer called in to finish paying her balance by credit card.  She wanted to also say how she felt about the installation.  She spoke with GPB, Inc. about how very happy she and her husband were with the installation.

At the time she called in, Friday 7.9.10, the crew was there and were almost finished installing.  Our customer was gushing with thankfulness.  She said the carport looks great, what an excellent job was done, and she was so happy because the carport was installed promptly.  The customers even gave a $60 tip to the crew for carrying materials to the back of the property, as there was no room for the delivery truck to pull in as it normally would have done for the customers.

All around, this was a very successful transaction and we are quite happy when things work out so nicely for our customers, crew and all involved.  Thanks to GPB, Inc. and everyone.


S.L.M. 7.9.10 @ 12:52

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