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We will be adding the metalcarports flikr photostream.

You will be able to see updated photos on the top left section of our blog.  You can see current installations of metal car ports, steel garages, double carports, and more.  As the metal installations are being built, the pictures are taken and we put them online so that you can benefit from the visual insight.

Stay tuned for more information soon to come.

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Shopping for and buying ametal carport is common for many people today.

People every day are shopping online for metal carports. When searching for metal-carports, people search for several things including:

  • Low carport prices
  • How long before a metal carport is installed?
    • The #1 most common carport purchase question out there
    • From order placement to installation – this is a time frame question in general
  • Double carport widths, such as a 20 foot by 21 foot metal carport
    • Custom carport size combinations for any metal carport shopper should be easily available
    • Extra tall height or width should be easy to customize for any steel carport shopper online
  • More rugged, sturdy steel structures for covering your vehicles
    • Thicker gauge steel for more sturdy needs (standard and thicker gauge)
    • Far Northern, Far Southern or Coastal locations may require this
    • Metal gauge upgrade optional
  • Wind ratings, certifications available, heavy snow load certifications, etc.
  • Colors which match a variety of settings
  • Anchor specifications for concrete, asphalt, wood or ground
  • Engineering prints for specific areas in the United States including coastal regions and high wind areas
    • Necessary for you or not?
      • Do you know if you will need this?
    • If you are on a tight time schedule, you will need to find out
  • Enclosing a steel carport structure partially (or fully – steel garage buildings)
    • What is the difference in looks and cost?
    • Will someone take the time to explain this to you?
      • Will a person provide you the resources you need to shop before you buy? They certainly should.
  • Getting prices for metal carports and steel covers for business settings and corporations
    • Purchase Order information
    • Warranty information
    • Permit information for a metal carport
    • Engineering prints available
  • What to do if your ground is out of level?
    • Many people do not have the ‘ideal’ installation setup for a metal carport or steel garage
    • If you want to install your own carport kit or portable metal carports, do
      you have questions about ground that is out of level?

      • DIY or do it yourself carport option should be available and should cost less
  • Can your shopping experience answer this question…”Where can I find an honest resource for metal carports online?”
    • As I always recommend, do your homework and it will pay off exponentially in the long run

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
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