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See Inside A Metal Garage Here
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R-4.3 insulation for metal garages

Have you ever thought about buying an insulated garage?  Have you ever wanted to insulate your metal or steel building?  Do you want to know more so that you can decide if you want to purchase an insulated steel garage?

All types of insulation have an R-value per inch. The R-value being discussed here is the unit thermal R-4.3 insulation for steel garageresistance. The type of insulation used for the metal garages we offer is R-4.3 insulation.  The cost of this insulation per square foot, installed, can be determined immediately with our “Installed insulation cost calculator” for a metal garage.

Simply visit this page, enter the dimensions of the metal garage you are interested in, and the cost will be calculated for instant pricing.

Close up of R-4.3 insulation


Notice the thickness of the R-4.3 insulation; the different layers have been separated in this photo.

For more information about R-value insulation in the building and construction industry, read here.

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Contributed by – J. K., Lafayette, GA

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4. “After viewing the building firsthand, I am very impressed with the quality workmanship and would gladly recommend GPB to anyone I know. Thank you for the outstanding building(s) and I hope to speak with you again in the future. Have a wonderful 4th of July and God bless.”
Contributed by – B.H., St. Joe, FL

“I just had a rather large carport installed by your company yesterday, the 30th of June, at Harvest, Alabama. I would like you to know that the three men that installed the carport did an excellent job. They were very professional and did one hell-of-a job. I watched the whole installation from my chair on my patio and observed every thing they did. I was totally impressed how they made sure that everything was leveled in every way possible. Like I said, I was really impressed, they sure knew what they were doing and did it with great care. They were here working for over 4 1/2 hours and during that time never took a break, or stopped working. Again, I was really, impressed and happy with the work they did and the way they accomplished it. My thanks goes to them and to your company for doing a good job. Thank you.”
Contributed by – E.H., Harvest, AL

“Thanks again for your interest in our business. It is rare to find anyone in this world that seems to care anymore. Your showing a sincere interest is exactly why we came back to you guys.”
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Detached Garage

Posted: February 5, 2008 in Garages, Storage
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Is your garage full of ‘stuff’? Are you storing things in your garage space because your house has no more room?

What about the idea of a detached garage? Have you ever thought about this?

What Is A Detached Garage? A detached garage is a free standing metal garage, not built into or onto your home or attached to any other structure.

Reasons To Consider A Detached Garage:

  • The garage you already have simply does not have enough space.
    • You could actually park your vehicle in an enclosed garage.
  • You could use the garage to work on vehicles, to park classic cars, to park trucks, to park your trailer, an ATV, to store items or for many more uses
  • If you are like many people, you man have an enclosed, attached garage at your home.
    • You may have decided to permanently seal your home garage door(s) in; enclosing it to build a room and utilize the extra space, instead of using the garage for parking/storage.
    • The home you live in already had this process completed.
  • Your home may have been built with only a one-car garage, so you may not have the space you wish you did.
  • Your home may have been built without a garage and you would like to have a detached garage.
  • You may have a desire to add value to your home or rental or property by purchasing a detached garage.
  • A workshop is another way to describe a detached garage.
    • workshops can have many features that expand the idea of a basic detached garage with a workbench, outlets, etc.
    • Or you may wish you just have the extra space a detached garage will provide.

Any of these reasons are great for considering a detached garage in your future. You can add features and customize a garage to suit your needs.

Resources: As always, it is good to check into your options and do your homework first. A few things to consider might be metal garage FAQs (which are Frequently Asked Questions). An informed decision is a good one. Asking what your friends, family and colleages think is a smart choice as well, especially before spending a large amount of money.


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