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See Inside A Metal Garage Here
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Here is what some of our very valued customers have to say… Please read

“You guys must be the most efficient company I have ever worked with starting from the time I used your web site to order the carport until your crew installed the carport!”
Contributed by – J. K., Lafayette, GA

“I’d like to thank you for a quick response to send installers out earlier than expected. They did an outstanding job. With this service you will get plenty of business.”
Contributed by – T.H., San Jose, CA

“Your guys did great work, and I’m happy as a clam with the building. I’ve had some friends over and recommended you to them, so hopefully we’ll get you more business this way. Thanks again.”
Contributed by – L.S., Macon, GA

4. “After viewing the building firsthand, I am very impressed with the quality workmanship and would gladly recommend GPB to anyone I know. Thank you for the outstanding building(s) and I hope to speak with you again in the future. Have a wonderful 4th of July and God bless.”
Contributed by – B.H., St. Joe, FL

“I just had a rather large carport installed by your company yesterday, the 30th of June, at Harvest, Alabama. I would like you to know that the three men that installed the carport did an excellent job. They were very professional and did one hell-of-a job. I watched the whole installation from my chair on my patio and observed every thing they did. I was totally impressed how they made sure that everything was leveled in every way possible. Like I said, I was really impressed, they sure knew what they were doing and did it with great care. They were here working for over 4 1/2 hours and during that time never took a break, or stopped working. Again, I was really, impressed and happy with the work they did and the way they accomplished it. My thanks goes to them and to your company for doing a good job. Thank you.”
Contributed by – E.H., Harvest, AL

“Thanks again for your interest in our business. It is rare to find anyone in this world that seems to care anymore. Your showing a sincere interest is exactly why we came back to you guys.”
Contributed by – J.S., Jasper, AR


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Watch a Steel Garage Video Here

interior of steel garage
Notice how much space this steel garage has inside.
Nice concrete floor for driving inside.

This new steel garage was installed in September 2008. It is 24’ Wide x 55 ’ Long x 11 ’ Leg Height x 15 ’ Peak Height. This steel garage is a great unit for truck storage, multiple car garage, trailer carport or boat storage.

Solid all-steel garages available in twelve or fourteen gauge galvanized steel framing for residential or commercial use. Many find these structures useful for storage in many platforms.

More pictures of this installed steel garage available here.

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Check Out GPB Inc. On flikr

We will be adding the metalcarports flikr photostream.

You will be able to see updated photos on the top left section of our blog.  You can see current installations of metal car ports, steel garages, double carports, and more.  As the metal installations are being built, the pictures are taken and we put them online so that you can benefit from the visual insight.

Stay tuned for more information soon to come.

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The following is information to help you understand more about steel buildings. Before you spend money on a steel building or invest time in going out to look at one in person, you would like to find out as much information as you can. Fact-gathering is smart and it makes sense. Many people have questions regarding steel buildings. With that in mind, here are some common questions that you may have thought of in regard to steel buildings:

  • Can I Install My Own Steel Building Kit? Is It Cheaper To Install A Steel Building Kit Myself?*
  • What Gauge Steel Should My Steel Building Be?
  • Do I Want A Vertical Roof? How Would I Know? What Is The Advantage The Vertical Roof On The Steel Building?
  • Will I Need A Certified Steel Building?
  • How Long Until My Steel Building Is Installed? How Long Does Installation Of A New Steel Building Take?

Strong Steel Buildings: A good, sturdy steel building should last a long time and should not leak. It should do what it was built for, and it should be worth the money that was put into it. It should be strong, well-made, and not take too long to put up. It should look neat and match its surroundings. You would not want to do anything to undermine the structural integrity of a steel building. Again, fact-gathering means you will find a strong steel building and determine which is the most economical structure for you.

Help With Steel Buildings: If you have asked yourself any of these questions and/or others, you may want to visit this steel buildings page. When you look for steel building resources online, you may find information about commercial steel buildings or home garages. Truth be told, you may find what you are looking for or you may not. But in order to get more information, it is important to feel that you can ask questions and get them answered. Many times we may feel we reach a dead end today, which is frustrating of course. We should get the answers that we reach out for, right? Each of us can have a proactive part in that but if you just want to find a steel building online, read on.

Searching For Steel Buildings: So many times, we type in a phrase in a search and we expect to get the page we are looking for in a list. Many times I have typed in a word or two and not gotten what I was looking for. If you can be specific, this helps. Many times, I can narrow a search by using the – symbol to subtract a word I do not want from a search. Let’s say you do not want to include commercial applications in your search (if you are not a business for example) then you may try using the -business and just searching for steel buildings. Try this in your search and see what happens. (i. e. “steel buildings -business”) and search without the quotation marks or parenthesis. Or try the reverse if you are a business and you do not want to include residential applications, so you would minus the home or residence type garage or steel buildings from your query or search. The search results may be something as simple as this and you may find just what you are looking for to reach your desired result. If a steel building company wants to be found, they will do their best to meet the needs of their customer base.

Your Voice: It has been said you should be able to get to what you need on a website by 7 clicks or less. If you cannot find what you want, if you like what you see, if you want more, you have the ability to do something about it. Actually – you should. Contact the website through their ‘contact us’ page. Tell them what you think. If you have questions, let the company know. If you do not prefer to speak to anyone, fill out the form to contact the company directly. Let the company know if they were easy to contact or not. Use the testimonial concept for other steel building shoppers out there. You may not be finished shopping yet, and you may want to ‘bookmark’ the website you shopped on; or you may want to tell someone about a steel building website you saw. You can also go to online rating websites and tell others what you thought of a shopping experience. You have a voice – feel free to use it.


*For the answers to these questions and more right away, please see the tutorial section with steel building FAQs

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Here are some Garage FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What kind of roof do I need?
    Shopping around makes sense and you do not want a leaky roof on a sturdy steel structure.  You may want a vertical style roof since it is far less prone to leak.  Also, the roof does not hold water, leaves, pine straw and other debris.
  • How is my garage anchored to my concrete slab?
    Holes are drilled into your concrete slab. Then wedge anchors are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the base rail of your garage into the holes in the concrete and securely fastened as shown here.
  • Do I need a permit for my steel building?
    You may, depending on your local zoning regulations.

More questions and answers can be found as well as information regarding these structures if you are in the market.  It is important to shop around before you buy something you may be investing a great deal in.

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