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How Can I Get Metal Carport Prices?

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This article is intended to be an education on metal carports and how the price for them is determined.

Metal Carport Location

Where do you want your metal carport be installed? The installation city, state and county of delivery in the US determines the cost of a metal carport. For example, if you live in an area where there is high wind or snow, you would need a structure that is properly suited for this. Also to take into consideration: the requirements in your area for snow load ratings, seismic ratings and wind ratings. Do you want your new metal structure to be certified? What is metal carport certification and how do I know if I need it?


The least expensive metal carport you can purchase is the single car carport. Most vehicles will fit just fine in this standard structure and most metal carports do not need to be excessively tall. I am a tall woman and I can walk with ease around vehicles, get on top of the vehicle if necessary in the standard, single wide carport. The carport size starts at 12’x20′ and goes up from there. We sell single carports, double carports and triple-wide carports. All metal carport sizes are shown in sample images on the Georgia Portable Buildings website. An 18’x21′ carport is a very popular metal carport size, however, the narrower the width, the lower the price. This goes for the length of the structure too. 

A consideration for size and pricing on metal carports is the sheet length of the metal; it comes in set sizes and this is how the price is determined. You can get the carport as long or short as you want, but speak to one of our knowledgable reps to understand the best bang for your buck with metal carports.

Steel Gauge

You can choose what gauge steel you want for your metal carport. Thicker, heavier gauge steel is always recommended in areas where the carport will receive snowfall. Most metal carports are 14 gauge standard but 12 gauge is a heavier duty. The roof is 29 gauge steel on the metal carports sold at Georgia Portable Buildings, Inc. (serving 28 states). Here’s how to learn more about metal carport and steel gauge.


You want to decide whether you want the carport installed by professionals or you may want a metal carport diy kit – do it yourself. If you buy from us and you want a diy kit, the metal carport is 10% off the price.


Image result for free money imagesYou can choose to have the metal carport just a simple structure, with no extra panels. This is the cheapest option. However, you can choose to have panels added to your metal carport so that the sides come down and provide more protection from the hot sun and dry rot. Another thing carport side panels are good for is the wind, rain and hail. Whatever color you choose will not affect the price of the structure.

FactorsThese are some of the (unusual) considerations that may add to the cost of your metal carport with Georgia Portable Buildings, Inc.:

  1. If the carport is to be installed over an existing structure in place there is an additional charge of $200.
  2. Trip charges will apply outside of normal service area and may apply toward outer edges of service area.
  3. Installation on an un-level area from 4″-9″, additional labor charge of $150.
  4. Installation on a boat dock, additional labor charge of $200
  5. Installation on an elevated retaining wall – fees assessed on a case-by-case basis (photos required)
  6. If materials have to be carried over 50 feet to the installation site additional fees will apply, typically $50
  7. Additional labor charge to construct the unit and slide it over once assembled, typically $200 and is not possible in every circumstance.

More Information

How do I get additional metal carport information? The most important thing you can do is go to the “More Info” buttons next to the carport cover pricing tables. These FAQ pages are tailored to your area to meet your local wind and snow load requirements in most cases. These pages give factual, detailed, specific info regarding metal carport covers. These questions and answers pages you cannot do without. So, be sure to look for the “More Info” text links next to the prices.

While you are shopping and checking metal carport resources, it is important to measure the area where your structure will be installed. Also, try to know your product. Check into what you will be buying and ask around about what your friends, family and coworkers think before you buy. A good decision is an informed one.

A Little Bit About Georgia Portable Buildings

We are a family-owned and run company that has been in business since March of 1990 so that’s three decades of metal carport knowledge. There are not many companies that can say they have known about all aspects of metal carports for thirty years! We really do want to be that helping hand that doesn’t cost to consult. We want to be able to provide you with the best product possible and let you know that you can contact us at any time with your questions or concerns. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and you can read tons of unbiased reviews about our company. 

You can see in this post how many factors are involved in getting an exact price. I will say that the current price for a metal carport in 2020 starts at $1095. Anyone who sells metal carports online should be able to sell them starting at that price. This article is intended to be an education on metal carports and how the price for them is determined. I will tell you that you can buy a metal carport for sale online for the same amount as some very cruddy optional “car covers” online. If you want a structure that will last and does not require maintenance, check out metal carports.

Can You Trust Us?

Georgia Portable Buildings, Inc. is verified and registered with the Better Business Bureau and has 100% site-wide SSL encrypted security. We encourage you to check out our extensive client list to see who our satisfied customers include; you may have heard of some of these companies! Check out every option you can to save yourself money and swing on over to our site to look at some of the best and most sturdy storage structures the internet has to offer. (Here is some information from the American Bar Association on trusting a business establishment.)


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This page shows how to build a free standing carport and also outlines how metal carports are constructed from the beginning step, with images included. Notice the images showing how to build a carport shown here.


How to Build a Carport Step By Step: 

initial steps in building a metal carport
Step One: The first step is to layout the base rails as illustrated in the photo to the left. Then the base rails are positioned the proper distance from each other and anchored to the ground where base rails are parallel and square to each other. This will provide a solid base for the other parts that make up your carport.

Step Two: The bows or trusses and legs of the carport are laid out on the ground. The legs of the carport are slid into the sleeves on the trusses and securely fastened together.



carport construction steps construction of a metal carport
Step Three: The installation team then lifts up the bows or trusses with the legs attached and slips the legs over the raised metal sleeves on the base rails as illustrated in the photo to the left. If you look closely you can see the metal sleeves sticking up approximately 6” on the base rails.

Step Four: The framing is then leveled and legs are plumbed. The frame is now square, plumb, level and ready for attaching the sheet metal. The proper setting of the frame is the key to a great looking carport.


installation of a carport how to build a carport
Step Five: Metal panels available in many different colors are positioned on the roof. Make sure you have the same amount of overhang on each end prior to fastening to the rafters with self-tapping screws. The screws have neoprene washers to prevent water intrusion. The final step is the installation of the trim. For a regular style carport, the trim is a fascia type applied to the ends only. For a box eve style, there is boxed eve trim for the entire perimeter of the roof.

Step Six: You see the fruitage of hard work – a finished carport! Front view illustrated in photo here.
Note: These instructions above are shown to illustrate the basic steps followed by our skilled installation teams, and the materials used to build a carport. This page is not designed to be an instruction manual.

Wichita, KS

A customer called in to finish paying her balance by credit card.  She wanted to also say how she felt about the installation.  She spoke with GPB, Inc. about how very happy she and her husband were with the installation.

At the time she called in, Friday 7.9.10, the crew was there and were almost finished installing.  Our customer was gushing with thankfulness.  She said the carport looks great, what an excellent job was done, and she was so happy because the carport was installed promptly.  The customers even gave a $60 tip to the crew for carrying materials to the back of the property, as there was no room for the delivery truck to pull in as it normally would have done for the customers.

All around, this was a very successful transaction and we are quite happy when things work out so nicely for our customers, crew and all involved.  Thanks to GPB, Inc. and everyone.


S.L.M. 7.9.10 @ 12:52

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See a steel carports VIDEO

Any steel car ports you need to view should be available to residences and businesses nationwide. You should be able to find out where your steel carport can be delivered and set up, right from the internet, at any time.

Steel car ports for sale come should standard with the top and then, at the option of the purchaser, the sides and/or ends can be closed partially or enclosed completely. Yes, you can if you wish completely enclose your carport.

Steel carports should available in 12 gauge or 14 gauge steel framing . Carports be moved at a later date making them portable.  Many colors should also be available.

For those applications such as high wind or snow load, certification may be required and a permit may need to be acquired.  You local authorities may need to be contacted in order to complete the task.  Time may not be on your side, in your opinion, so allow extra time when you plan for a steel carport.

Some people want a warranty with a steel carport, some people want a 30′ or 40′ wide steel carport.  Steel carport prices should be easy to get online.

shopping for a steel carport should be easy to do and you can shop before you make your choice.

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Watch a Steel Garage Video Here

interior of steel garage
Notice how much space this steel garage has inside.
Nice concrete floor for driving inside.

This new steel garage was installed in September 2008. It is 24’ Wide x 55 ’ Long x 11 ’ Leg Height x 15 ’ Peak Height. This steel garage is a great unit for truck storage, multiple car garage, trailer carport or boat storage.

Solid all-steel garages available in twelve or fourteen gauge galvanized steel framing for residential or commercial use. Many find these structures useful for storage in many platforms.

More pictures of this installed steel garage available here.

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Check Out GPB Inc. On flikr

We will be adding the metalcarports flikr photostream.

You will be able to see updated photos on the top left section of our blog.  You can see current installations of metal car ports, steel garages, double carports, and more.  As the metal installations are being built, the pictures are taken and we put them online so that you can benefit from the visual insight.

Stay tuned for more information soon to come.

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copyright www.gaport.comMetal carports for a travel trailer should be tall enough to fit any size travel trailer or recreational vehicle with room to spare. There should be room for the air conditioner that many fifth wheel trailers or RV’s have on top of them once the vehicle is driven under a metal carport.copyright

4 things affecting price in metal carports for a travel trailer are:

  • height
  • width
  • length
  • style choice

Coverage on the sides is another good consideration on a metal carport. copyright www.gaport.comDo you want to shade the sides of your RV or pop up? Do you only want to shade the top of your steel carport? Or do you want to completely enclose the sides of your structure? Some people want to close in the sides of their cover in partially, which can be done as well. There are many options when it comes to metal carports for a travel trailer, and you want to be sure you can see what is out there.

copyright www.gaport.comAs always, when it comes to researching metal carports, it makes sense to be an educated consumer. Doing your homework first pays off in the long run. Make sure that you get the right structure so that your money is well spent! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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All Rights Reserved.

Find: Many people are looking for a vehicle storage solution that works for them. Are you trying to find a sturdy metal portable car port? Do you need to park your car, truck, RV, travel trailer, boat, or other vehicle? Right now, Spring cleaning might be on your mind. Or you just need more space and portable metal carports come to mind.

DIY: Some people are interested in do it yourself or the DIY option. This option can save you money (10% off the cost of the installation of the structure itself).

Colors: A shopper has many color choices with portable metal car ports, as well as combinations of colors. The colors can be combined to provide a nice structure that is appropriate for many settings and maintenance-free.

Permits: Many shoppers have questions regarding whether they need a permit in their area or even engineering prints to acquire a permit on portable metal car ports. This is where it pays to shop around and have your questions answered in advance.

Educated: The shopper benefits by finding a quality item from an educated dealer, then comparison shopping in ahead of time. With portable car ports, there is a savings in do-it-yourself but savings can also be found in shopping around in advance and being an educated consumer.

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The consumer should be able to have the best in current information for online resources regarding steel carport prices. Steel Carports should be built to last and anyone seeking more information should have this easily available within a few mouse clicks or a simple phone call. In order to know more about steel carports and vehicle cover structures, you want to find good, informative resources. You can view prices of well built steel carports online.

Style has something to do with the price of a steel carport. There are other factors as well, such as steel carport height, width, length and gauge. Anyone considering purchasing a carport should be informed as much as possible about factors affecting steel carport prices.

What you should know about steel carport prices: How are carports built? What should you look for in a steel carport? How do you know what is a good carport price? How will you know how to price a steel carport?

Knowing the answers to these questions helps the educated buyer make a good choice regarding price for their steel carport.

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