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Posted: February 5, 2008 in Garages, Storage
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Is your garage full of ‘stuff’? Are you storing things in your garage space because your house has no more room?

What about the idea of a detached garage? Have you ever thought about this?

What Is A Detached Garage? A detached garage is a free standing metal garage, not built into or onto your home or attached to any other structure.

Reasons To Consider A Detached Garage:

  • The garage you already have simply does not have enough space.
    • You could actually park your vehicle in an enclosed garage.
  • You could use the garage to work on vehicles, to park classic cars, to park trucks, to park your trailer, an ATV, to store items or for many more uses
  • If you are like many people, you man have an enclosed, attached garage at your home.
    • You may have decided to permanently seal your home garage door(s) in; enclosing it to build a room and utilize the extra space, instead of using the garage for parking/storage.
    • The home you live in already had this process completed.
  • Your home may have been built with only a one-car garage, so you may not have the space you wish you did.
  • Your home may have been built without a garage and you would like to have a detached garage.
  • You may have a desire to add value to your home or rental or property by purchasing a detached garage.
  • A workshop is another way to describe a detached garage.
    • workshops can have many features that expand the idea of a basic detached garage with a workbench, outlets, etc.
    • Or you may wish you just have the extra space a detached garage will provide.

Any of these reasons are great for considering a detached garage in your future. You can add features and customize a garage to suit your needs.

Resources: As always, it is good to check into your options and do your homework first. A few things to consider might be metal garage FAQs (which are Frequently Asked Questions). An informed decision is a good one. Asking what your friends, family and colleages think is a smart choice as well, especially before spending a large amount of money.


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