Have you heard about this? AP published April 21, 2014 from Washington:

“President Obama’s administration has sided with American steel producers in an international trade dispute, ruling imported steel reinforcing bar from Mexico and Turkey unfairly undercuts U.S. prices.

Monday’s preliminary decision by the U.S. Department of Commerce means companies in Mexico and Turkey will be subject to immediate duties.

A final determination won’t be made until summer. But within a week the U.S. government will stop distribution at the nation’s borders until a cash bond or deposit is posted.

Steel reinforcing bar is known as steel rebar and is used to reinforce concrete. Steel producers in Mexico and Turkey have denied they’re violating trade laws.

The investigation by Commerce’s International Trade Administration was launched last fall at the request of U.S. steel producers. Companies from Ohio, Oregon, North Carolina, Florida and Texas filed complaints.” – foxnews.com

Notice this news, too from January 2014 regarding US challenging China’s non-compliance in WTO steel dispute:

U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman announced that the United States is requesting that China enter into consultations regarding China’s claim that it has brought its duties on U.S. exports of grain oriented flat-rolled electrical steel (GOES) into compliance with WTO rules.

GOES is a high-tech, high-value magnetic specialty steel that is used primarily by the power generating industry in transformers, rectifiers, reactors, and large electric machines.” -  ustr.gov

So where does this leave Americans interested or connected in some way to the steel industry?  Will you be affected?  Have you been affected by the US steel industry trade dispute?

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Right now, somewhere online, people are searching for security metal sheds and garages; while others are looking for portable single metal car garages. There are people who want to find more information about travel trailer sheds as well.

What if you want to install a carport on unlevel ground?

All of these topics and more are covered on our website: answers to your questions, online price quotes, instant pricing as well as photos of installed structures, color choices and online ordering.

Have a look at the customer testimonial page of our metal carports and steel buildings website here!


Do you feel that?  Spring is in the air! The weather is changing, buds are blooming, birds are singing and sporadic rainfall is a regularity. Spring 2014 is a fine time to find a sturdy storage structure for your coverage needs; now is a great time to clean out the items from your home and storage and get them protected from the weatherspecial utility cover storage.  What valuables do you want to cover or enclose?  Is it time to store your winter clothes or seasonal items? You may want to cover your nice riding lawn mower, tractor, trailer or 4-wheeler. Whatever you have, we’ve got what you need to cover your stuff safely and practically. Visit our home page for more information on instant pricing for carports, garages, RV covers, portable storage buildings and more!


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Metal Carport Kits

Do You Want An Extra Wide Carport?

This is a very large carport, capable of accommodating the widest vehicles, tractors, trailers and more!

​30′ wide x 31′ long x 8′ leg height x 10′ 8″ peak height
Sample Shows Additional Options:
2 – 3’ wide x 31’ long panels (1 per side)
Color: top – Evergreen, trim – Evergreen,
Sides & Gable – Evergreen

Metal Car Port Kits are available in hundreds of other sizes & color combinations




Metal Car Port Kits




    For more information about this carport, car port installation or custom leveling of your ground read more


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See Inside A Metal Garage Here
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R-4.3 insulation for metal garages

Have you ever thought about buying an insulated garage?  Have you ever wanted to insulate your metal or steel building?  Do you want to know more so that you can decide if you want to purchase an insulated steel garage?

All types of insulation have an R-value per inch. The R-value being discussed here is the unit thermal R-4.3 insulation for steel garageresistance. The type of insulation used for the metal garages we offer is R-4.3 insulation.  The cost of this insulation per square foot, installed, can be determined immediately with our “Installed insulation cost calculator” for a metal garage.

Simply visit this page, enter the dimensions of the metal garage you are interested in, and the cost will be calculated for instant pricing.

Close up of R-4.3 insulation


Notice the thickness of the R-4.3 insulation; the different layers have been separated in this photo.

For more information about R-value insulation in the building and construction industry, read here.